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Bundles are extremely popular in today’s marketplace. People who are not experienced cigar smokers may not understand that these bundles did not exist in the past. Premium cigars were always recognized due to their unique packaging designs, which included boxes with real cedar linings or fancy paper decorations. However, in the modern world of cigar marketing, bundles appeal to many consumers.

The original bundles were known to contain value cigars. These type of smokes were first introduced to the public during the 1960s. Value cigars were typically seconds. In other words, the cigar wrappers featured slight imperfections.

Cigars that made up a specific bundle could vary. Each bundle of value cigars could contain several varieties that offered their own unique aromas. Some value cigars were manufactured by machines, and some of these products were made by hand. Hence, the quality varied from one bundle to the next.

Bundles enabled manufacturers to save money on labor and on the actual components used to make cigars. They are sorted according to color before being placed in boxes. Then, each wrapper color is separated into groups bearing the same identical color. This is the reason why the same brand of cigars look different when a person compares two separate cigar boxes. However, if the consumer looks at just one box, the cigars look exactly the same.

At first, manufacturers did not sort bundles according to the various cigar wrapper hues. This helped companies cut down on costs. In addition, cigar manufacturers saved money when they stopped using more expensive materials, such as cedar wood, to line cigar boxes.

Today, the situation is different. The word “bundle” no longer implies imperfect cigars with blemishes. In fact, the current popularity of bundles necessitates specific manufacturing by cigar companies. Seconds being placed in bundles no longer has a high percentage of significance in the marketplace. Instead, the majority of bundles manufactured today are just as superior as cigars packaged in boxes. Even though cigar packages are known for their artistic beauty, bundles offer consumers excellent opportunities to buy high quality cigars for reasonable prices.