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The Art of Cigar Etiquette: Tips for Enjoying Your Premium Cigar

Ever held a cigar and felt the weight of tradition in your hands? It brings with it a sense of pride and leisure. But understanding the art of cigars is more than just puffing away.

In this article, we will help you navigate through the nuances of cigars like an aficionado! From picking out your perfect stogie, lighting it up properly without offending connoisseurs around you, managing ash like a pro to storing them right for lasting flavor – we’ve got you covered. 

Ready to dive into the fascinating world of cigars?

Table Of Contents:

  • Choosing the Right Cigar
  • Lighting a Cigar
  • Smoking Etiquette
  • Ash Management
  • Storing Cigars
  • Enjoying Your Cigar
  • Conclusion

Choosing the Right Cigar

Selecting a cigar that suits your taste can be overwhelming, like sampling fine wine for the first time. The key is to know your basic preferences and understand what different cigars offer. 

Some questions to ask yourself include: 

  • How long do you want to smoke for?
  • What flavor profiles do you prefer in general? (i.e. earthy, sweet, etc.)
  • What strength are you looking for in your tobacco?

Cigars come in various sizes, shapes, and flavors. The length of a cigar affects its burn time; longer ones last more while shorter ones are quicker smokes. But size isn’t everything. A smaller robusto, packed with flavor-rich tobacco, might be just as satisfying as a larger one.

The wrapper also plays an important role in defining the flavor profile of a cigar. For instance, darker wrappers often give richer flavors than lighter counterparts. There are various tasting guides that provide detailed descriptions for beginners looking to find their preferred style.

Last but not least, don’t forget about strength – mild cigars are great for novices or early morning smokes while full-bodied sticks suit seasoned smokers better.

Lighting a Cigar

The art of lighting a cigar starts with the right tools. Using matches? Opt for long, wooden ones that give you more control. Butane lighters are also great as they don’t leave any chemical taste behind.

To start, warm up your cigar by holding it above the flame without touching it. Rotate slowly to get an even heat across its foot (the part you light).

Now comes the fun part – actually lighting your stick. Put it in your mouth and draw while rotating over the flame again, but this time let them meet. 

Burning unevenly? Don’t worry. Just lightly rotate over your lighter or match until fixed.

Remember: patience is key when lighting cigars to ensure maximum flavor enjoyment.

Smoking Etiquette

The realm of cigars has its own regulations to abide by, such as not breathing in the smoke. Not inhaling is a key one to follow. This isn’t a cigarette; the goal is to taste and savor the flavors.

Talking while smoking can be considered impolite. You’re there to enjoy your cigar, so take it slow and let conversation flow naturally around you.

It’s also crucial not to rush through your smoke. A good cigar, like life itself, should be enjoyed at a leisurely pace.

Ash management is another important aspect: gently tapping off ash helps avoid messes but over-ashing can cool down your cigar too much.

You’ll want to show respect by asking permission before lighting up if you’re with company or in public places as well.

Remember that each puff speaks volumes about who we are as individuals and connoisseurs.

Ash Management

Managing your cigar ash can appear daunting, yet with a couple of pointers you’ll become adept. To start, let the ash build up about an inch or so before gently tapping it off. But why? It’s because this layer helps regulate temperature and contributes to a smoother smoke.

The right way to do this is by lightly tapping the cigar against an ashtray edge. Be gentle; too much force could damage your beloved stogie. Think of it like knocking on someone’s door – firm enough to make contact, soft enough not to break anything.

If some stubborn ashes won’t budge despite light taps – don’t worry. Just rotate your cigar and try again later. Remember: patience is key when enjoying cigars from Doc James.

Storing Cigars

Proper storage of cigars is essential to maintain their quality. For optimal cigar preservation, you’ll need a sealed enclosure such as a humidor to keep temperature and humidity in check.

A good rule of thumb is to store cigars at 70% humidity and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. But it’s not just about getting the right conditions; how you arrange your cigars matters too. Don’t stack them too tightly or leave them loose – they should be snug but with room for air circulation.

If you don’t have a humidor, there are other options available such as tupperdors (a sealed plastic container) or coolerdors (an insulated cooler). 

Last tip: Rotate your stash every couple of months so all cigars get equal exposure to the humidified environment. This simple step will help keep each smoke fresh until it’s time to light up.

Enjoying Your Cigar

Savoring a cigar is an art, not just a quick puff and exhale. To fully appreciate the rich flavors and aroma of your cigar, take time to relax.

Start by taking slow draws from your premium Doc James cigar. This isn’t about inhaling but about tasting. Let the smoke linger in your mouth for a bit before letting it go slowly.

A well-made cigar will give off various flavor notes throughout its burn time. You might taste hints of coffee, chocolate, or spices; these complexities make each smoking session unique.

Paying attention to the smell can also enhance your experience – there’s more than just tobacco in that scent. Whether you’re getting woodsy vibes or sensing something sweeter like vanilla or caramel depends on how finely tuned your nose is.


Diving into the world of cigars is a journey worth savoring. From choosing your perfect stogie to lighting it up with style, you’ve picked up essential skills. But remember, managing ash properly isn’t just neat – it’s part of the art! 

Cigar smoking etiquette may seem daunting at first but let each puff be an experience in itself. You’re not just enjoying a smoke; you’re participating in tradition!