Perdomo Connoisseur Collection(12 cigars)

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The Perdomo Connoisseur Collection Maduro is a tour of medium to full bodied Nicaraguan Maduro wrapped after dinner or anytime favorites. You will enjoy this offering if you like variety in your maduros. This collection ranges from having a traditional sweet taste all the way to a rich and robust flavor profile that keeps you on the edge of your seat. On your journey, you’ll find that these Cuban-Seed Nicaraguans will pair well with your scotch, bourbon, or dryer red wine. If you consider yourself a Connoisseur or just love a damn good cigar, this collection from Nick Perdomo will be some of the most magnificent maduros you ever sampled.

The 12-cigar Perdomo Connecticut Connoisseur Collection is loaded with creamy and nutty gems drafted from the finest tobaccos grown on Nick Perdomo’s extensive Nicaraguan estates. Six unique blends are finished in an elegant, golden-blond Ecuador Connecticut wrapper leaf blended to bring out delicate nuances of flavor and aroma. Bestselling classics like Perdomo 10th Anniversary Champagne, 20th Anniversary Connecticut, and Double Aged Vintage are included with the all-new Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut, plus the Lot 23 Connecticut, and Habano Connecticut blends.

The Perdomo Sun Grown Connoisseur Collection presents an exceptional array of Sun Grown cigars crafted by renowned brand founder Nick Perdomo. Featuring six distinct blends, this 12-cigar assortment showcases the rich and robust flavors derived from the hearty Sun Grown wrapper leaf. Celebrated blends such as the Perdomo 30th Anniversary Sun Grown and the Perdomo 10th Anniversary Sun Grown epitomize Perdomo’s commitment to excellence, offering aficionados an unparalleled smoking experience.

Fans of Perdomo cigars shouldn’t hesitate in smoking the brand’s Award-Winning Connoisseur Collection. This impressive 12-cigar assortment features six outstanding blends, including the well-aged Perdomo 30th Anniversary Connecticut, best selling 10th Anniversary Champagne, 20th Anniversary Sun Grown, Double Aged Vintage Maduro, Habano Maduro, and Lot 23. Brand founder Nick Perdomo grows and ages every leaf of the premium Nicaraguan tobaccos he blends in his cigars, giving him complete control over the finished product.


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Maduro Collection, Connecticut Collection, Sun Grown Collection, Award Winning Collection


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