Casa Fuente Robusto (5.25 x 50)

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From its inception, you could only get the Arturo Fuente Casa Fuente cigars at the famous Casa Fuente Cigars lounge in Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas Nevada. But for a very limited time this must-have cigar is now available to local brick and mortar cigar shops. It is part of Fuente’s “Support Local” effort to help local cigar shops that have been affected by the Pandemic and to give fans of this popular brand who were not able to travel to Vegas a chance to get this coveted cigar. The release includes three vitolas from the Casa Fuente Series 5 in a mouthwatering Ecuadorian natural wrapper and seven sizes of the Casa Fuente cigar in a savory Cameroon wrapper. All are handmade at Tabacalera Fuente in the Dominican Republic.


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