Alfonso Gran Seleccion Preciosos(7.5 x 40)

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The Alfonso Gran Selección is the sequel to the highly rated Alfonso Añejo. Alfonso Gran Selección features an oily, rich Ecuadorian Habano wrapper cloaked over a Peruvian binder and Dominican and Nicaraguan fillers that provide a darker flavor profile than its predecessor. The Alfonso Gran Selección will be available in five sizes; Exclusivos (6 x 54 Torpedo), Preciosos (7 1/2 x 40), Estelares (5 1/2 x 54), Enormes (6 1/2 x 60), and Grandiosos (8 x 50).

Selected Tobacco products are known for their meticulous aging process once the cigars have been rolled. The cigars are placed into cedar-lined rooms while raising and lowering humidity to allow the cigars to cleanse themselves over time. For Alfonso Gran Selección this process takes five years & their final aging is done in rooms lined with French Oak. The use of French Oak in the aging process was also used for the Alfonso Añejo and Byron 1850 lines.

“Our experimentation with French Oak aging has led to amazing cigars,” said Nelson Alfonso, Owner of Selected Tobacco. “The Alfonso Gran Selección is the next great example of our dedication to patience and exploration.”

The Alfonso Gran Selección will be available in beautiful dark lacquered 25-count dress boxes, limited to 5000 cigars per size.


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