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Flavored Premium Cigars

Longtime cigar smokers frequently make fun of the idea of smoking flavored cigars. Some of these individuals regard flavored cigars in the same way that wine connoisseurs view wine coolers. These experienced smokers do not even take the time to look at flavored cigars when they visit their favorite cigar shops, and they most likely will not even read this article, yet flavored cigar manufacturers are aiming to produce cigars that boast higher levels of excellence, and this may lead a handful of veteran smokers to try a few puffs.

Many smokers buy flavored cigarillos on impulse simply because these miniatures are less expensive than standard cigars. The typical response of a person who tries a flavored cigarillo is to toss it in the trash can and make a promise that this is not the type of cigar to smoke in the future. The majority of flavored cigars in the marketplace do not have strong enough flavors to satisfy experience cigar smokers, plus they are overly sweet and lack perfect construction. Additionally, many brands of flavored cigars do not taste even remotely similar to the supposed flavors.

The majority of seasoned smokers regard flavored cigars as nothing more than small trimmings of tobacco covered with wrappers soaked in sugar. The cigars are soaked in various types of flavored brines. At least, this is the way that less popular manufacturers process flavored cigars. Nonetheless, because people tend to change their personal preferences over time, flavored cigars are rapidly gaining in popularity. High quality brands such as CAO Flavours and Alec Bradley currently offer smokers flavored cigars as alternatives to standard products. The quality of flavored cigars is improving, mostly due to the way in which they are now cured or aged.

In regards to the manufacturing process involving the addition of flavors, some of the more popular brands, including the Gurkha Louis XIII line, are no longer using the soak method. Instead, these manufacturers infuse flavors into tobacco. This infusion eventually causes the flavored cigars to have enjoyable flavors that smokers appreciate. The Carlos Toraño line features cigars with reaction flavors. This is a new technique that is responsible for the new Rum Rumba line of flavored cigars. In order to create reaction flavors, the process involves suffusing cigars with additional flavors while the cigars burn. This technique prevents cigars from developing the bitter taste that smokers may have noticed in the past. The ACID cigar line features an aroma room that contains more than 200 essential herbs or other types of botanicals. These natural substances render cigar flavors extremely exotic and enticing.

Alec Bradley, manufacturer of the Trilogy and Occidental line, features a series known as the Gourmet Dessert Cigars. These unique cigars feature 100 percent natural flavors instead of artificial flavorings. These are the same types of natural flavors found in various types of baked goods sold in supermarkets. The flavors of Gourmet Dessert Cigars are a huge improvement over traditional flavored cigars, and these cigars last for longer periods during storage. Contrary to previously manufactured flavored cigars, this new Alex Bradley line does not seem to lose the additional flavors, even if the products sit on store shelves for extended periods.

In light of new improvements in the manufacturing process of flavored cigars, experienced smokers may wish to set aside their preconceived notions and try smoking a few of the newer, more flavorful products. Smokers may discover that these more technologically advanced flavored cigars offer some variety in their daily smoking routines. People who love to smoke cigars may find that their new discoveries offer enhanced smoking experiences.