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Discovering Types of Cigars: A Guide for Enthusiasts

Imagine you’re sitting in a high-backed leather chair, the soft hum of conversation filling the air. In your hand is one of life’s simple pleasures—a cigar.

The world of cigars isn’t merely about lighting up and puffing away. Cigars can have many different flavors and characteristics that can change the entire experience. Ever wondered why some cigars seem to last forever while others burn out quickly? Or why different shapes produce unique flavors?

In this guide, we’ll be delving into all different types of cigars—from understanding how shape affects flavor profiles to exploring the influence of size on smoke time—we’ve got it covered!

Get ready, because we’re diving into top-notch brands for experienced smokers and sharing suggestions perfect for beginners.

Understanding Cigar Shapes and Sizes

The world of cigars is rich in diversity, with many different types of cigars. However, the main factor influencing the smoking experience is shapes and sizes. A cigar’s size and shape, often called “vitola,” refers to its length and thickness. The two main types of shapes include parejos and figurados. There are also several sizes available.

Exploring Parejos Corona Cigars

A fine example of standard dimensions in cigars is the Corona format. Known as a benchmark size for most brands, Coronas are straight-sided cigars that offer an ideal balance between flavor and burn time. Their traditional dimensions generally measure around 5 to 6 inches in length with ring gauges – the diameter measured in sixty-fourths of an inch – ranging from 42-44.

This makes them a preferred choice among many cigar lovers who appreciate their consistent draw. However, you can also find variations like Petit Corona or large Corona Gorda within this category offering more choices for smokers.

Delving into Parejos Robusto Cigars

Moving onto another popular type – The Robusto; it’s often regarded as a short cigar but brings big smokes. With their stout shape measuring about 4.75 to 5 inches long with a larger ring gauge (50), they have earned popularity amongst novice smokers due to their compact nature coupled with powerful flavors.

The Artistry Behind Figurados

Figurados are the renegades of the cigar world, breaking free from traditional dimensions. These types of cigars are known for their varying shapes, offering a diverse smoking experience that’s as unique as each hand-rolled masterpiece.

In contrast to parejos – straight-sided cigars like corona and robusto – figurados feature various shapes such as tapered heads or open feet. This artistry isn’t just for show; it also impacts your smoke in surprising ways.

A figurado with a tapered head, for instance, concentrates the tobacco flavors more intensely than its straight-sided brethren. Similarly, an open-foot figurado can be easier to light up because of its larger surface area at the base.

Looking at Figurado Pyramids

Though most cigars fall under the parejos category, there are quite a few figurado options as well. The pyramid, for example, has a tapered head that reaches into a point. Measuring 6 to 7 inches in length, this cigar allows many complex flavors into the mouth.

Making Your Choice

If you’re ready for a journey beyond standard dimensions into diverse terrain offered by different cigar shapes, consider trying out some recommended brands known for crafting quality figurado cigars.

As always remember: no two smokes are alike – especially when you’re exploring a range of premium cigars. That’s why you may want to consider buying your cigars online, as you’ll have plenty of time to research and find the perfect option in your price range.

Exploring Flavor Profiles in Cigars

The cigar world offers a delightful spectrum of flavors, from mild and creamy to bold and robust. As we embark on this flavorful journey, it’s essential to understand that cigars come in various strengths that significantly impact flavor intensity and nicotine consumption. For instance, this particular parejo option is perfect to pair with a hearty meal, like a steak dinner, as its flavor profiles are quite robust.

Understanding Strengths in Cigars

Cigar strength essentially refers to the level of nicotine present. A mild cigar, for instance, will have less nicotine compared to a more potent counterpart like a robust or bold one. The latter two tend towards rich earthy tones with strong hints of spices.

Milder options often carry subtle notes such as vanilla or cocoa—more delicate but equally enticing. But let’s not forget about our medium-strength friends—they provide an exquisite balance between gentle nuances and assertive flavor bursts.

The Significance of Ring Gauge on Cigar Experience

Size isn’t just a number when it comes to cigars. It directly impacts your smoke time and the flavor intensity. This is especially true with the ring gauge, or diameter, of a cigar.

A large corona format, for instance, generally measures around 42-44 in ring gauges and offers an extended smoking experience compared to a trés petite or petit corona which is smaller in size. The bigger the ring gauge, the more tobaccos can be blended together – this leads to richer flavors but also means you’ll consume more nicotine.

Decoding Cigar Sizes

Different sizes bring unique experiences for both novice smokers and seasoned aficionados alike. For example, shorter cigars like robusto tend to burn hotter due to their compact dimensions while longer ones offer cooler smoke making them perfect for slow savoring sessions.

In fact, knowing about sizes such as large corona down to trés petite not only helps you estimate how long your smoke will last but it’s essential knowledge every cigar lover should have because these standard dimensions serve as benchmark sizes across different brands.

To put it into perspective: imagine enjoying an Ashton Cabinet Selection Trés Petite – its small stature makes each puff intense; then switching over to something like Brick House Double Corona would feel like taking a leisurely stroll through rich fields of tobacco blend offering complex yet subtle nuances in flavor profile.


By unveiling the secrets of various types of cigars, we’ve journeyed together through shapes, sizes, and flavors. You’ve now discovered that a cigar’s shape isn’t just for aesthetics—it significantly impacts your smoking experience. It’s evident that selecting a cigar is not merely about grabbing one from the shelf, but instead finding something that pleases your palate. Check out our full selection of premium cigars to find the best options to suit your taste